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Biomass Stove

The thought "More than 3 billion people lack access to clean energy" inspired Biomass Engineering to meet the unmet need of the people. In India, the need of energy is primarily met by burning biomass.

The process of cooking is conventionally done by burning biomass, in the most familiar set up of stone tripod commonly known as "Chullah" or by any other inconvenient process. The efficiency of such usage is highly ignored. This in turn pollutes the green environment and has various health hazards like Respiratory & Skin Diseases. Exhaustive and unmonitored usage of this precious biomass will also lead to quick depletion of the available fossil fuels & forest.

Biomass Stove is an attempt to provide alternative solution, with an Emission Free & Eco-Friendly way. It has successfully attempted to resolve the problem of efficient burning of Biomass through its innovation, which is a byproduct of research done for years together.
Biomass Stove is a perfectly blended Modern Kitchen Stove which is Eco friendly, Economic, Elegant & Highly Efficient.


Biomass stove comprises of 4 Basic functional units
1) Stove
2) Solar Panel.
3) Control Panel (SMF).
4) LED Light
THE STOVE: The Stove is made of Stainless steel which makes it easy for cleaning. There is separate removable compartment to place and burn the Biomass pellets, viz. the Combustion Chamber. Injection of air by built-in fan propels complete combustion.

SOLAR PANEL: The solar panel utilizes solar energy for charging battery. It converts solar energy & stores it in the attached battery for the future usage. The frequent power-cuts & scarcity of electricity planted the thought of utilizing solar panels to charge the battery making it non dependent on electricity.

CONTROL PANEL (SMF): It houses an Intelligent Auto Selector Circuit, Transformer, Switches & Battery. The SMF is used to store the energy and is very efficient. The stored energy in the battery is used to propel the fan in the Stove and for illuminating the LED light.

LED LIGHT: The attached LED light helps in illuminating the surrounding during night time or in the dark room, making the cooking procedure easy. Also it can be utilized to illuminate the premises during the nights or power cuts.
The entire setup is very user friendly and is available as ready to use setup.


Cooking is one of the most time consuming activity of a home maker. Biomass stove is aimed to bring revolution in their cooking experience. Biomass stove is Emission Free & Eco Friendly which will not emit any harmful smoke leading to protection from many respiratory & skin diseases. Moreover, cooking on Biomass stove will generate more savings for the user as the stove is highly efficient, and the Biomass- Pellets which are used as fuel are having high calorific value. All in all it's an elevated Cooking experience with more benefits.

Biomass stove will not only change the cooking experience but it will help in Uplifting the Personal, Social & Economical status. It's your turn to think about the nature and to think about your savings.


1) Modular Integrated Design : Biomass Stove is designed in a very user friendly way. Every component of Biomass Stove is individually designed and engineered for better cohesive structure, resulting in an intelligent design.

2) Ergonomically Enhanced : Biomass Stove is having a very structured and balanced designed with a stable cylindrical base. The height and width of the stove is in unison with each other, enabling the user to maintain proper body posture while cooking, eliminating fatigue & making it an enjoyable experience

3) Durable & Robust Body : Biomass Stove is made of Anti-corrosive Steel, making it durable for longer usage for years together.


1) Superiority Due to Solar : Solar Panel of the Biomass Stove is highly efficient in generating energy even in low sun light. This feature of Biomass Stove makes it least dependent on the electricity, thus making it more independent and distinct in working.

2) Least Smoke Emission : Biomass when burnt emits Carbon Gases & Solid Particulate Matter (SPM) because of improper combustion. They are hazardous to human health & provoke respiratory diseases. Biomass Stove ensures complete combustion of Biomass-Pellets. This eliminates formation of Carbon Gases & Black Soot formation. Thus providing protection to the users from unwarranted Carbon Gases & Solid Particulate Matter.

3) Non-Harmful Ash : Ash is formed after complete combustion of the fuel i.e. Biomass-Pellets. Biomass Stove ensures the complete combustion of the used Biomass-Pellets thus making Ash free from particulate matter. The Ash produced is 100% Non-Harmful in nature & can be used to spread in the agricultural fields.

4) High Fuel Efficiency : The Biomass-Pellets used in Biomass Stove are very efficient in energy. These pellets have very high calorific value. It generates more heat in less quantity. Biomass Stove ensures complete combustion of Biomass-Pellets in a very efficient way & there is no wastage of fuel.


1) Low Fuel Consumption : Biomass Stove ensures complete combustion of Biomass-Pellets. This complete combustion provides adequate time for cooking as the energy generated is utilized fully. Approximately ½ kg of Biomass-Pellets burn for about 1.5 to 2 Hours. This is an adequate time to cook food/meal for a family of 4-5 members.

2) Low Per Capita Per Meal Expenditure : Biomass Stove burns the fuel i.e. Biomass-Pellets efficiently. The ever rising cost of scarce resource like LPG, makes Biomass Stove a perfect alternate option using biomass as fuel. Biomass is locally available in abundance. This will surely reduce dependency on hydrocarbon fuels.

3) Solar Powered Battery Pack : Solar Powered Battery Pack of Biomass Stove utilizes Solar Energy which is freely available for charging the battery. It eliminates the dependency on the electricity making the process cost efficient, as per unit charges of electricity are increasing day by day.


1) Emergency LED Light : Biomass Stove is equipped with an Emergency LED light which is very helpful when cooking in closed room with less light, during nights or during power cuts. It helps to increase the visibility in the cooking process. Also the LED can be used to illuminate the premise during night time.

2) Easy Ash Removal : The remains of the fuel after combustion are termed as Ash. The combustion chamber, containing ash is detachable and can be removed very easily. The combustion chamber is then overturned to remove the ash in is re-installed with equal ease.

3) Light Weight: Though Biomass Stove is made up of Stainless Steel it is extremely light in weight making it easy to carry.

4) Nature Trek & Outdoor Camping : Biomass Stove is very handy, light weight, and independent in nature. These attributes easily enables one to carry the Biomass Stove for Nature Treks and Outdoor Camps.
It can be used to cook food as it is Emission Free & Eco-Friendly and will not cause any damage to environment.

Also LED light along with the Highly Efficient Solar Panel can be used as source to generate light in the tents during Nature trek & outdoor camping.

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