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Solar DC Home System

Solar DC Home System

Excel Solar DC Home System is designed for indoor lighting purposes. Solar DC Home System is highly reliable and can support 3-9 Excel DC bulbs, LED outdoor lights/street light & solar fan. The dc bulbs are available in 4 watt and 8 watt models. Solar DC Home System can give 6-12 hours backup & lights up to 3-9 rooms (depending on models). Also, Solar DC Home System can be used as a substitute system for homes & shops to save electricity. Excel Solar DC Home System is a low cost and dependable lighting solution for small homes & remote villages. Further Solar DC Home System is a proven design to support led lighting for indoors. Solar DC Home System can eliminate the use of candles and kerosene lighting for rural areas.

Features of Excel Solar LED Home System :
  • Micro controller based intelligent design.
  • Cost effective, long life, safe & reliable.
  • LCD display to show events like charging, low battery, cable problem, battery problem, operations mode etc.
  • Computer interface to automatically detect the tribulations.
  • Automated history and event recording based on micro controller to help troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Predefined timer operations on selected channels. (example : automatically switch on one or two lights after sunset and switch off the bulbs at 10pm or 11pm at night)
  • Short circuit, polarity reversal protection.
  • Deep discharging and over charging protection results in long battery life.
  • Advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging based on micro controller.
  • Automated operations during rainy season.
  • Advanced weather tune algorithm to charge the battery depending on the season.
  • RS232/USB interface for Excel CTracker.
  • Long life and maintenance free components including battery.
  • The micro controller inside the light use pro-v ray technology that will consumes only very less power & results in more backup time
  • Automated battery maintenance to protect the battery from over charging and low battery operations.
  • Improved battery life with (ABMS) micro controller based automated battery maintenance system.


Model Specification Supported Devices
SH-30S-4B17 30 Watt Solar Panel, Exide, 12V-17Ah Battery, LED bulbs 2 no's (4 Watt) (Backup 10-12 hours) Up to 4 LED Bulbs (4Watt)
SH-40S-4B17 40 Watt Solar Panel, Exide, 12V-17Ah Battery, LED bulbs 4 no's (4 Watt)(Backup 6-8 hours) Up to 6 LED Bulbs (4Watt)
SH-60S-6B26 60 Watt Solar Panel, Exide, 12V-26Ah Battery, LED bulbs 6 no's (4 Watt)(Backup 6-8 hours) Up to 8 LED Bulbs (4Watt)
SH-80S-8B40 80 Watt Solar Panel, Exide, 12V- 40Ah Battery, LED bulbs 5 no's (4 Watt), 144 LED street light, Solar DC Fan (14 inch).(Backup 10-12 hours) Up to 8 LED Bulbs (4Watt), Solar Fan, Solar Street light/ outdoor light
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