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Solar LED Lanterns

Solar LED Lanterns

Excel Solar LED Lanterns are light weight and high performance emergency lamps with more than 10-12 hrs backup [When fully charged]. Solar LED Lanterns have an IR remote control for manual operations. Solar LED Lanterns have two operation modes [Bright and Power Saving].

Charging Method :
  • Solar Power : With solar Panel
  • AC Main Supply : Without Solar Panel
  • Hybrid : Both AC and Solar Panel

Features Of Excel Solar Led Lantern :
  • 10 - 12 Hours Backup.
  • Customers can switch ON/OFF the lantern using any IR Remote.
  • Bright and Power Saving (Dim) Modes to increase backup.
  • Long Life and Maintenance free components including battery.
  • Work Under Low-voltage and Low-Heat, Safe and Reliable (LED junction temperature can be controlled under an ideal temperature (TJ<60 Đ Ta=25 ° C ambient temperature)
  • Automated battery maintenance to protect the battery from over charging and low battery operations.
  • Improved battery life with (ABMS) micro controller based Automated Battery Maintenance System.
  • Eliminates the visual fatigue which caused by the strobe lights of the traditional lamps.

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